Before & After Botox & Fillers Gallery

Introductory sentences can go here. The pictures being pulled in to this page are coming from blog posts that are assigned to the Before & After Botox and Fillers category, found on the right side of your screen. To add more photos, add a new blog post and set the new images as the “featured image” also found on the right side of your screen. You can also add text or testimonials to the blog post and that will show up when they view the post.

To make more portfolio pages you need to Add a new page and then in the Page Attributes Panel found on the right side of your screen make the Template drop down select “gallery” instead of the default template. When you have selected the gallery template type, you will see more menu options appear below in the ET Page Template Settings. Select Full Width page if you do not want the sidebar from the blog to show (how it is set right now). Set the number of posts per page to whatever you want and then select the gallery category (i.e. blog category)  you want to be included in this page of images.

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