Can Elos Skin Tightening help? While facial aging and wrinkle prevention is widely talked about, many people tend to forget about aging on the neck. Sagging jawline and turkey neck are a growing concern for women and men especially over the age of 55. Over 18 million women are interested in a non-surgical treatment, however, safety price and long lasting results are the most important factors are holding them back.

With the Syneron Candela Elos Skin Tightening treatments, you can have lasting results without the risk of burning, scarring or any discomfort. Elos has established itself as the premier technology in the global aesthetic field. Elos technology harnesses both bipolar radiofrequency and optical energy providing the ideal combination of energies for aesthetic treatments leading to enhanced comfort and minimal downtime. Together, they result in increased thickness in the epidermis and more collagen throughout the dermis.

Watch our Facebook LIVE to find out more about this laser technology to find out if this treatment is right for you!

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