Laser Hair Removal

The new LightSheer DUET is the fastest, most effective and most comfortable laser on the market for laser hair removal. And now you can experience the difference at Mystique Medical Spa. The larger laser head size and vacuum assist technology allows us to treat backs, legs and other large areas in minutes, with better results, less visits and no pain. The benefits include:

  • Up to 75% faster treatment times
  • Virtually painless and no down time
  • No messy gels or anesthetics
  • Ideal for large areas including legs, arms, back and chest

Women are raving that the LightSheer DUET is ideal for legs, underarms and bikini areas. The new vacuum assist laser technology and larger laser head makes treatment more effective and painless. This new technology is also appealing to men. Prior treatments for chest or back would take 90 minutes or longer, required gel, multiple treatments and was quite painful. With the LightSheer DUET men can have a back treatment in under 20 minutes with no pain or down time.

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