Re-posted from our friends at Vi Aesthetics. Written by Stacy Morrow.

Yes, we have heard it all over here at VI Aesthetics. We have heard every single question, concern, comment, etc. You name it! But, the one thing we hear the most often is whether or not it is a good idea to get a peel in the summer time.

We’re just going to be direct: the summer time is a great time to get a VI Peel! Disregard the stigma you may have heard from your friend or family member that it’s just not a good idea because that isn’t true. No more excuses! Check out these five good reasons on why you should say yes to a VI Peel this summer:

You Want The Glow (but not the Grease)

Ingredient 101: Salicylic Acid helps absorb and control excess oil in the skin, so summertime chemical peels are a great option for those of us who are tired of reaching for an oil blotting sheet every hour. Oily, acne prone gals love the VI Peel Purify, however all VI Peels contain salicylic so you can look forward to all the glow… without the grease. More on the dry side? Salicylic bonuses as a key ingredient for smoothing out the skin, giving you a poreless appearance. Either way, we’re into it.

You Want a Quick Fix

Time has flown by and the wedding of the year is just around the corner. Everyone is going to be there, including that Brad Pitt look alike you’ve had your eye on since high school [sigh]. Unlike many other cosmetic procedures, the VI Peel has you prepped and peeled to perfection in just 6 days! No need to splurge on a professional makeup artist, your makeup will apply smoother than ever on your baby skin. You’ll thank us later.

You Prefer to Go “Au Natural”

Summer is the time to ditch the full coverage foundations and let your skin breathe. Addicted to your long wearing, full coverage foundation? If you find yourself constantly trying to cover and conceal, you’ll love the VI Peel Precision Plus. Fade away the proof of years the years of damage from the tanning bed with the pigment erasing solution ex-sun worshipers know and love.

You’re a Master Planner

Your time is precious and you know your way around a Google Calendar. Peel like a VI Pro and schedule your peel on a Thursday, leaving your main peeling days to Saturday and Sunday. With proper care and planning, you’ll be a glowing goddess in time for happy hour cocktails with your coworkers come Monday!

You’d Rather Take Two Steps Forward than Three Steps Back

Allow your skin to correct and resurface itself instead of creating more UV induced damage by practicing safe sun and avoiding prolonged direct sun exposure. Summer is the perfect time to treat and remove last year’s sun damage that you never got around to addressing. Alternatively, you can get a chemical peel nearing the end of summer to be glowing for your last hurrah while also treating your sun damage from the prior weeks or months of outdoor summer activities. Now that’s a win-win!

Treat yourself this summer. Just be sure to stay inside away from heat for 7 days and wear plenty of our VI Derm SPF 50+! To find a VI Peel near you please visit our VI Practitioner locator at

Stacy Morrow

Stacy Morrow is the Sales and Marketing Admin for VI Aesthetics. She graduated from the University of Colorado Denver with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and has a love for all things mass media, writing and marketing. In the office, you can find her working on the latest social media post or assisting in creating new marketing materials for the team. Although new to the skincare industry, she has quickly become passionate about bringing awareness to the many benefits of great skincare.

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